White Gloss | Stone Oak

Black and white kitchen, filled with colors

Legendary combination? Timeless elegance? Iconic design? Combination of white and black has plenty of established names and all of them are fitting. And even in this case, the mix of bright surfaces with dark elements forms almost mystical atmosphere where feelings and colors are dynamically changing - from the initial amazement to euphoria all the way to joyful satisfaction caused by your excellent choice. Black and white kitchen will never get old, just as its visual appeal. This young married couple in cooperation with the Sykora designer, placed a bet on a set with white corpus Top Gloss Varnish White to contrast with dark sink, dark tiling and atypical black kitchen faucet. This is where attractive appearance meets with practicality. And organized order with pure, generous airiness. All realized in a unique, custom-tailored project.

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