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Take a look at the elite production of Sykora kitchens and furniture

Vacuum coating

Renewed vacuum technology ensures flawless quality. Thanks to a revolutionary method of applying the lacquer, there is no contact of the painted material with any roller or brush. Only the transfer of the paint itself. The result? The doors are coated better than ever before. Perfection.

Top-quality edge glueing

The lower layer of the applied adhesive is a guarantee that the joints glued in this way are almost indistinguishable. The doors and edges of the worktops are glued in this way. Our customers appreciate the increased resistance to moisture and maximum strength of the joint. Thanks to our regular investments in production, Sykora customers can enjoy these benefits in their daily lives for many years.

Robotic paint coating

We own the most modern robotic coating technology. Since 2014, we have started our production of lacquered doors with the help of a modern robotic painting centre. The doors are painted using the classic method, i.e. primer, sanding, coating, sanding, coating, hand polishing to a high gloss or the appliance of matt nano-paints.


Unprecedented advantages of nanotechnologies

We were the first to introduce a special Evermatt lacquer as the final surface treatment. Thanks to revolutionary nanotechnology, it is resistant to polishing and does not lose its aesthetic properties over time. It prevents the formation of shiny areas and provides your furniture with both protection and a wonderful, natural look at all times.

Evermatt is a transparent polyurethane, two-component, very deep matt lacquer with only 5 gloss units. The results of a professional test (Erichsen test) showed that it is up to 5 times more durable than conventional lacquers. It has excellent chemical and mechanical resistance and unique lightfastness. Its advantages also include high resistance to wear and scratches and fingerprints.

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