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Company Sykora

We have been active in the market for 27 years and we offer quality custom kitchens to our customers. Our idea was to offer exceptional kitchens that will become the heart and soul of their home to our customers. And this wish we fulfilled in 1992 when we founded company Sykora in Vizovice. Combining foreign product experience, top-class kitchen design and uncompromising features have created kitchens that meet our ideas and our customer's ideas to the very last detail. Read most important milestones of our company.



Establishment of the company

The family company Sykora was established in 1992. It was founded by Karel Sýkora and his brother Vlastimil Sýkora, who gained valuable experience with the production of kitchens while working in a company in Canada. The former space of the Shoe store in Lípa served as the first production area.

First kitchen was made

For the production of the first kitchen lines by Sykora, quality production machines were purchased; A format saw, a drill, edge banding and hinging centres. This started the production of laminated kitchen lines, which were beaded with beech plywood and glazed. These kitchens were made in two designs, the novelty became the kitchen Alberta with a foiled door. In the same year kitchen studios in Zlín and Uherské Hradiště were also founded.

First made kitchen

Kitchen Alberta


Graphic designs of kitchens

We have to go back to 1994 for the first Sykora kitchen design drawings. These designs were very different from those of the present; they were drawn on square paper that was sent to the head office by the sales representative. There, the 3D wire model of the kitchen was created and was faxed back to the shop. The customer could therefore see the shape of the kitchen before it was created. The kitchen studios in Zlín and Uherské Hradiště were joined by branches in Brno and Prague.

Kitchen Atlanta

Kitchen Sára


New sales points

In 1995, number of sales points increased. A studio was opened in Opava and Prague 1 and new cities included Tábor, Prague, Brno, Karlovy Vary and Dvůr Králové nad Labem became other sales points. A new computer-driven drilling and milling center has been added to the production. The Sykora kitchen cabinets were first presented at Brno fairs and the Bříza and Kastan kitchens were newly offered and became the best-selling kitchens of this period.

Kitchen Bříza

Kitchen Kaštan


Expanding to the Slovak market

In 1996, the first kitchen studio was opened in Slovakia in Piešťany. Customers could enjoy the processing of orders in CAD Design and the company acquired a new computer-controlled machining and milling center. Sykora Kitchen lines become part of homes of some well-known personalities, such as Martin Zounar jr, Martin Zounar, and actress Eliška Balzerová. The company’s assortment expanded by new additions – kitchens Oak and High gloss varnish.

Kitchen Dub

Kitchen Lak Vysoký Lesk


Expanding to the Russian market

In that year the company was affected by floods; part of the production had to be moved to Velikova and total damage climbed to nearly 14 million crowns. Thanks to the hard work, however, production could be restored after 14 days. But it would not be Sykora to not bring a flood of good news in the same year. For example, we were able to obtain a certificate for the export of goods to Russia and open new kitchen studios in Moscow, Bratislava, Hradec Kralove, Liberec, Olomouc, Opava and Pilsen. New production machines for the production of folded kitchens were purchased; edge banding and door foiling press. Other celebrities preferred Sykora kitchens. Who enjoyed cooking in our kitchens at that time? For example, opera singer Dagmar Pecková or moderator Peter Lesák. The novelties of 1997 included the Georgio Oak kitchen unit in color variants and DKP film.

Kitchen Georgio Oak

Kitchen DKP


The number of kitchens sold equals the number of trees we plant

The company Sykora embarked on a nature conservation route and in 1998 planted the same number of trees as the number of kitchens sold. And we continue in nature conservation. As a result of the expansion and reduction of transport costs, the production of foiling doors from Veliková to Želechovice was relocated and a new formatting saw was purchased for the new production. The possibilities of computer technology were broadened and we expanded to other Czech cities and introduced new kitchens called Ivana and Olše. In that year, Sykora introduced itself at the Brno Exhibition Center and the exposition in the medieval caste style proved the prestigious nature of the exhibition. Athlete Tomáš Dvořák and other famous celebrities of 1998 become owners of Sykora kitchens.

Kitchen Ivana

Kitchen Olše


Construction of a new production hall in Vizovice

The expansion of production facilities followed, and a new production plant was built in Vizovice. The company boasted its new store, an office building and a production hall. A paint shop and a hinging center joined the new production machines. Even in this year, Sykora introduced novelties from the world of quality kitchens in the form of the kitchens Třešeň Klasik and Psaníčko Olše. What will new customers’ kitchens look like? They learned this through graphic designs that were processed in DataCad. Customer were able to see a spatial layout with a plan view directly in the kitchen studio. Branches in Prague proudly acknowledged the studio in Prague 4 and hockey player Jiří Dopita or moderator Jiří Ptáčník bought kitchens Sykora.

Kitchen Třešeň Klasik

Kitchen Psaníčko Olše



The breakthrough year 2000 saw the expansion of production facilities and the purchase of new production machines. The company's equipment included a computer controlled cutting and milling center, a computer-controlled center for drilling and jamming sides and hinges, jamming rollers and door drilling, edge banding center, assembly press, and a machine for jamming pegs. The number of orders gradually increased and the production areas were not enough, therefore a new production hall with storage areas was built. A high-quality yet affordable kitchen? The dream is turning into reality with new technologies that have created cheaper series of sectorial kitchens. A novelty of the year was the kitchen with the convenient name Millennium. Other famous celebrities, for example Michala Kuklová, director Jiří Pomeje or actor Martin Štěpánek, became owners of our kitchens, joining other satisfied customers.

Kitchen Milenium

New production machines


Construction of 2nd production hall Vizovice

Only a year passed and the production facilities were again expanded to the second production hall in Vizovice. The same happened in the field of production machines and new technologies, and the company was enriched by a packaging machine for packaging new and finished products, and formatting saw. From the novelties, kitchen Georgio Georgio Třešeň and Psaníčko Javor attracted attention. Popular singer Jaromír Nohavica and moderator of Prima Vařečka Ivan Vodochodský both tried cooking in their new Sykora kitchens.

Kitchen Georgio Třešeň

Kitchen Psaníčko Javor


10 years of Sykora company

In 2002, Sykora celebrated its 10 years of presence on the market and decided to focus on improving quality and customer satisfaction. And we introduced our high-quality Czech kitchen units to the Hungarian market where we opened a kitchen studio in Budapest. That year, the Minister of Industry and Trade Jiří Rusnok visited the company. Again, the company's equipment was expanded and a new assembly line was purchased and the company was awarded the I SO 9001 certification at I TI TUV. With the year 2002, of course, customers also enjoyed the novelties of Star and Premium kitchen. An interesting feature of the Premium kitchen was that the grips were directly milled to the door. The Czech kitchen unit Sykora has been chosen for example by presenter Vladimír Čech, actor Petr Nárožný, guitarist of the band Elán Jan Baláž and others.

Kitchen Star

Kitchen Premium


Simply…the best

For a company that has been expanding year after year, some kitchen studios were simply small. In 2003, building of a showroom and the largest kitchen studio Sykora Home in Brno started. A new machine for jamming pegs was purchased. Even in 2003, the Sykora company introduced a new kitchen line called Simply. Are you curious which famous personality in 2003 enjoyed cooking in their new Sykora kitchen? Moderator Klára Doležalová was among them.

Kitchen Simply


Opening ceremony of Sykora Home Brno

The construction of the largest kitchen studio in Brno was successfully completed and was officially opened in 2004. And it was a real event of the year, supported by moderator Leoš Mareš, who moderated the opening ceremony. New kitchen studios were opened in Terek in Hungary and also in Norway in Vrådal. The kitchen Walnut with a varnish became the novelty. Which kitchens did customers prefer this year? The trend shifted from cherry-colored to walnut-brown colors. That year, for example, actor and moderator Jiří Krampol bought a Sykora kitchen.

Kitchen Ořech


New production line

Even in 2005, the company did not rest on the laurels and purchased a new production line, a formatting saw, a two-chamber packing press, a machine tool and a format edge banding line. At the same time, it boasted the new PUR edging technology. The novelty of the year 2005? Oliva kitchen unit. Maybe you remember that in 2005 Kateřina Smejkalová won the prestigious contest of Miss. It was she who also bought the Sykora kitchen that year.

Kitchen Oliva

New machine (milling, PUR edging)


Wenge and Oak Natur kitchens

In 2006, a formatting saw was purchased and the new "Deluxe" door profile became the novelty of the year. The new door profile boasted a kitchen in Wenge and Oak Natur veneer. There was also an expansion of kitchen studies and a new studio could be visited by customers in Gyor, Hungary. Moderator Leoš Mareš moderated the opening of the largest kitchen studio in Brno in 2004, and in 2006 he himself bought a kitchen unit Sykora.

Kitchen Deluxe Wenge


15 years of company Sykora

The Indian Apple Tree has become the magnificent novelty of the anniversary of 15 years of the company Sykora. The kitchen was created in a veneer and lacquered to achieve high gloss. Not only the customer orders, but also the success at the Vaňkovka shopping center, where the kitchen exposition took place, proved its success. In 2007, a machine for machining edges was also purchased. Moderator Adéla Banášová joined the moderator Leoš Mareš and one year after that she also bought a Sykora kitchen unit.

Kitchen Indická Jabloň


A new kitchen for Karel Gott

In 2008, building of Sykora Home started in our capital. A new molding machine was purchased. The novelties of the year were the Nut Dijon and Nut Teak kitchens, which turned into a fashion hit that year and celebrated a huge success. Sykora was also pleased by the order of a new kitchen from singer Karel Gott.

Kitchen Ořech Teak


Ceremony for the Sykora Home Praha opening

In 2009, Sykora celebrated the opening ceremony of the largest interior showroom with luxury goods in the Czech Republic. Showroom was opened in Prague 9 on Českomoravská Street. Same as in 2008, the kitchens of Walnut were popular in 2009, as well as kitchens of American Nut, Nut Classic and Georgio Nut. In that year, singer Petr Kolář bought a Sykora kitchen.

Sykora Home in Prague

Kitchen Ořech Americký


Acrylic kitchen appears

The novelties of 2010 were kitchens made of acrylic. Their great advantage was practicality and high durability. Customers could themselves discover the benefits of acrylic thanks to Luxury and Crystal kitchens units. The Luxury kitchen also boasted for the first time a hand-knotted system on the island of the kitchen.

Kitchen Luxury

Kitchen Crystal


Kitchen line Sense

For the first time, a kitchen in a modern, matt white finish with a veneered oak door of the name Sense was presented. Timelessness and elegance of the kitchen line was provided by a glass cabinet system with internal lighting and a glossy body was used to achieve the glittering effect. The famous owners of the Sykora kitchen were joined by presenter Michaela Ochotská.

Kitchen Sense


20 years of the Sykora company and expanding to American market

As a gift to 20 years of presence on the Czech market, the company has given itself a gift in the form of the establishment of a kitchen studio in USA in Chicago and the purchase of a new formatting machine. That year, customers could see the kitchen of the future at the Prague exhibition. For the first time, the latest technologies, such as electronic island and door control, could be seen. Novelties of the year were Pure and Elite kitchens. The Pure kitchen became the first complete kitchen in a purely hand-made design, aligned with an oak bar and a worktop in a concrete decor. The Elite kitchen was also exceptional, with a stainless steel grip in the body of the door, lacquered with a matte black lacquer that matched the Wave Eben veneer.

Kitchen Pure

Kitchen Elite


Expanding production

Sykora decided to resume the sale of kitchens in Russia and in 2013 opened a new kitchen studio in Moscow. Sykora continues to expand its production, and therefore, in the same year, it purchased new machines for the application of protective film, polisher, edge grinder and surface grinder. Novelty of the year was the Old Oak kitchen, which was made of 150-year-old oak beams and supplemented by black lacquer. The multiple champion of the world and the Olympic champion in Cross Country cyclist Jaroslav Kulhavý became an owner of a kitchen Sykora.

Kitchen Dub Starý


Purchase of the state-of-art robotic lacquer shop

Sykora once again took a step towards improving production and purchased the most modern robot paint shop. Thanks to it, it is possible to paint panels including edges even in more complex shapes of the highest quality. In Russia a new kitchen studio was opened in St. Petersburg. The novelties of 2014? The Kashmir kitchen line, which was built thanks to the Pure kitchen, which was lacquered in the attractive color of Kashmir. To achieve the perfect, modern look, the kitchen was matched with a massive ash wood bar and glass cladding.

Kitchen Pure Kashmir


Company Sykora in Australia

In 2015, Sykora introduced itself to another continent, this time to Australia in Melbourne, and new kitchen studios were also opened in Belgian Overpelt and reopened in Prague 4. The CNC machine was purchased to produce a more efficient and flexible production of cabinet parts of furniture and edge banding center, which is one of the most advanced edge-to-edge application systems. That year, new kitchen lines called Style and Exclusive were also introduced. The look of new kitchens? The Exclusive kitchen is distinguished by the new veneer of fine oak veneer combined with glossy white lacquered surfaces. Kitchen Style is made in a matt lacquer with oak veneer and massive oak accessories.

Kitchen Exclusive

Kitchen Style


Using Nano Technologies

In 2016, Sykora began using Evermatt Nano Varnishes and purchased a new CNC machine for horizontal drilling and gluing of pegs to the edges of sheet materials for a single workpiece clamp. New studios were set up in Teplice and in Prague 10, Prague also saw the newly renovated Sykora Home showroom in Prague 9. The Cubanit and Ceramic kitchens became novelties of 2016. The Cubanit kitchen is an non-traditional, original kitchen with rounded shapes. The Ceramic kitchen is distinguished by a ceramic island and minimalist shapes.

Kitchen Cubanit

Kitchen Ceramic


25 years of the Sykora company

In 2017, Sykora celebrated its 25 years of successful presence on the Czech market. Its achievements include being in four continents in eight countries, 48 modern kitchen studios and last but not least thousands of satisfied customers including Czech and Slovak celebrities. This year, the company purchased new production machines, a 5-axis CNC for more flexible furniture production. The Sykora Home showroom in Brno was also renovated. Sykora introduced the new Diamond, Noble and Emotion kitchens. Diamond is a dark kitchen with a nano-lacquer lacquered door, fitted with a special oak 3D veneer and a granite worktop. Noble is a light-colored kitchen and special 3D veneer. Emotion, on the other hand, is a rustic kitchen in solid Ashwood.

Kitchen Diamond

Kitchen Emotion

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