White Evermatt

For collectors of experience and beauty.

The married couple often travels the world so when they come back home, they need a refuge that will offer them necessary peace and harmony and at the same time will keep their artistic minds constantly preoccupied. They had a clear vision of their kitchen set: the initial design was theirs and together we were ironing out individual elements to perfection. The distinctive and luxurious details alter with practical ideas - everything is naturally combined into one charming and elegant unit that feels worldly, yet gives out breaths of accommodating coziness. Not far from here, in the kitchen corner, there is a couple of designer chairs with a decent lamp so the owners do not even need to leave the room and still, they have a space for contemplating and enriching storytelling. Atmosphere of the garden, where they grill in the summer, shines inside through the glass door from both sides.

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