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Realize the dreams of others. This one is hers.

Realize the dreams of others. This one is hers. Imagine that every day, tens of customers are coming to you with their dreams and visions for new kitchens. When the time comes for your own kitchen set, how will it look? You have been through many projects, know all the materials and color variants and are surrounded by limitless inspiration. How difficult will it be to choose one for you? One set. Three walls. Infinite elegance. This time we would like to show you a realization chosen for her apartment by one of our salespersons. She knew from beginning that original ground plan will need to be reworked - previous project assumed only one-wall kitchen. Which would be a pity, not only because of the unexpected generosity of the space but also because of the radiators. If they had remained exposed, it would have felt disruptive to say the least. Therefore, the final choice was a three-wall kitchen set. Washing and cooking zones in the middle are framed by the upper panel of cupboards. The left side continues with worktop equipped with deep bottom drawers that elegantly cover the radiators, while on the right side, a number of tall cabinets with built-in appliances had arisen.

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