Reseda Green Evermatt | Attic Wood

Predictably charming. Unpredictably quick.

What will your kitchen probably feel like, if you have a winery in your house? You are right. Like a fine wine. Owners of this set had a clear vision from the beginning - in their newly renovated house, they wanted a solution that would be inebriating in all respects. And they succeeded. Through combination of the unorthodox green color they dreamed of from the beginning, to thorough manufacturing of every detail they obtained high-quality kitchen that is charming to look at, pleasant to touch and practical to use. And it will mature with time. And since we are speaking of time - apart from a wonderful result, the owners were also very happy with the realization itself. Everything went surprisingly fast and smooth, they didn’t have to go anywhere or manage anything, only necessities were their email and phone number and all of their wishes were taken care of by the Sykora team. Kitchen in the upper floor. Highly addictive.

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