Anthracite Evermatt | Stone Oak

Minimalism with maximum elegance.

Materialized dream. For the owners, and their architect. New kitchen perfectly reflects the ideas they had put together into the visualization, hoping the reality would look at least a little similar. When they saw the finished kitchen, they couldn’t hide their excitement. It looks exactly like they dreamed it would. Without a single compromise. If the architect herself compliments you on how you have managed to fulfill everything, you know you had done your task well. And to think there was a small quarrel in the beginning: the wife wanted a white kitchen while the husband preferred black. The result? Anthracite with light wood. And maximum satisfaction on all sides. The refined design of the set is apparent at the first and every other glance. Airy and buoyant, yet firm and dignified. The dark tones of the Evermatt varnish in anthracite color blend with the Stone Oak laminate. Like day and night, they alter in a captivating rhythm. Being here is just a joy - regardless of the hour or your cooking intentions.

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