Kashmir Gloss | Stone Oak

One room, countless benefits.

For this apartment, we built custom-made furniture based on the design of the PEARL DESIGN studio which took part in decorating the entire apartment. Timeless natural color tones are used throughout the entire apartment. Naturally colored wood beautifully complements the Kashmir color. High gloss varnish and Exclusive handles are used in this kitchen. The 2cm reverse l-shaped Dekton worktop allows for easy access to the washing and cooking areas. Matt varnish in same shade with use of nanotechnology was chosen for the remaining interior furniture with natural oak recessed grip profiles. Kitchen kashmir toned furniture in high gloss combined with stone oak and grey worktop which follows the back wall of the kitchen unit. The kitchen tiling has apart from its practical, also an aesthetic dimension. It can tone the colors of the walls into one harmonic piece.

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