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For a new start and joy with no end. Custom-made Sykora kitchens.

A young couple, a new home and an eight-month-old baby. A year and a half ago, the lives of the owners of this kitchen took a turn - new life experiences, new rules and responsibilities, but also new opportunities and possibilities. One of the possibilities was to buy a kitchen for their new home. Without compromise, the perfect kitchen, exactly as the young parents dreamed of. Their choice fell on Sykora. It was recommended by acquaintances - high quality and top design. These qualities were also apparent during a personal visit to our kitchen studio. Any other reason? In Sykora, we can invent and realize things they can not do elsewhere. A hidden pantry with an innovative way of opening, for example. The new kitchen owners commend their choice for Sykora every day. We are delighted that as a Czech manufacturer of luxury kitchens, we were able to fulfil their wishes and become part of their great story.

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