Nanotech HPL

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HPL does not require any special care due to its durable, hygienic and impermeable surface. The surface is generally easy to maintain. Care must be taken not to use abrasive cleaners, as these may cause gloss changes and scratches. Degreasers, which are used in cleaners for plastic, can also cause a change in gloss level. Such liquids must be completely removed from the surface to maintain the functionality of the special coating, which eliminates unwanted fingerprints.

HPL (high pressure laminate)

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When cleaning, gentle cleaning agents that do not contain abrasives must be used. Soft kitchen cloths are suitable (never use a wire brush). Placing burning cigarettes onto the surface of the worktop leads to its damage. Always use a board when slicing or chopping food. Avoid placing hot kitchen utensils directly from the hob on the work surface. Spilt liquids should be immediately wiped or otherwise removed from the surface and areas of cut-outs and joints of worktops. Do not expose the plastic sealing strip to high temperatures and avoid contact with hot objects (e.g. a pot).

Artificial stone (composite materials) Technistone, Silestone

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Clean with common cleaning agents other than abrasive pastes and powders. Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean (never use a wire brush). Always use a heat-resistant pad under hot containers and electrical appliances. Use a board when slicing and chopping food. Keep the worktop surface dry. There may be permanent marks on the worktop after contact with aluminium utensils, coffee, wine or other alcohol, which you can remove with concentrated cleaner (after testing in a less visible place). Do not expose to direct fire or place hot objects on it (containers with a temperature of up to approx. 120° C can be placed on the countertop).

Dekton ceramic

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For normal daily cleaning, just wipe with a damp cloth and let dry. To remove various dried stains, just use a standard glass cleaner. If a thick layer of dirt forms on the surface, we recommend using the Q-Action cleaner (supplied by the worktop manufacturer). The Dekton and Ceramics worktop material is scratch-resistant and cannot be scratched by ordinary kitchen utensils. Nevertheless, we recommend avoiding strong impacts, especially with hard pointed objects. However, beware of ceramic knives or professional tools with hardened edges, these could leave scratches on the worktop. Dekton Ceramic can withstand the effects of very high temperatures - usually several hundred Celsius degrees. Do not expose the surface to hydrofluoric acid.

Stone - granite

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Unlike other materials, granite material can easily withstand temperatures of up to 250° C. A granite worktop must be impregnated. We recommend impregnating once every 1 or 2 years. Take extra care when handling pots, pans and other metal objects. Spilt liquids (coffee, tea, fruit and vegetable juices, blood, etc.) should be removed immediately. The material can be treated with over-the-counter non-concentrated cleansers, or with lukewarm water and a cloth. To prolong the life of the worktop, use a cutting board when slicing and chopping food.

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